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The Electric Car Bubble?

There’s a great saying, that the technology to make the electric car a mainstream success is just around the corner and it always will be. A recent Morgan Stanley report has suggested that EVs, with the exception of Tesla, have pretty much failed. Predictions by the likes of Renault that EVs would be 10% of […]

Jaguar D Type

Here is an image of the Jaguar D Type and a graphic that illustrates Jaguar’s history at Le Mans (both vector images, created in Adobe Illustrator). Click on the images to enlarge them for a better view. Comments welcome.

Alec Issigonis – Top Bloke!

Top Bloke for February – Alec Issigonis Where would we be without the Min? And I don’t mean BMW’s modern incarnation of the Austin Maxi. My guess is that we would all be driving round in Morris Oxford lookalikes (albeit manufactured somewhere further East than King’s Lynn). We have Alec Issigonis to thank for rescuing […]

Alec Issigonis

What a hero! Article to follow