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WC Blog Day 8, England Expects

The day we were all waiting for, when England would reprise their well received play of the Italy game, but with a three point haul that would see us well on the way to qualification. All this expectation would have to take a back seat for a few hours, however, as the first match of […]

WC Day 7: Adios Spania

The contestants of the 2010 tournament were having varied fortunes, Holland had opened their account with a 5-1 victory and Spain a defeat with the spookily mirror image score line. Both were in action today. First up, Holland facing our antipodean cousins from the land of fizzy lager. The Socceroos had been poor in their […]

WC Blog Day 6: Belgium, Brazil, Russia

Devoted followers of this insignificant record of the World Cup 2014 may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the prediction league for a while. After the first few matches, I was about 197th. Refereeing decisions and general corruption in the world game are at fault here. I thought. Once the games pan out, my standing […]

WC Blog Day 5 -Africa Falters/Muller Uber Alles

Panzers roll, as the German World Cup machine clanks into life! The 4-0 demolition of Portugal sends a message to the world that the ruthlessly efficient Teutonic style is back with a vengeance. Unfortunately it is accompanied, as always, by cynical attempts to gain advantage by play acting and feigning injury. It could be argued […]

World Cup Day 4

In the first match of the day, Switzerland – Roy Hodgson’s former charges – we’re up against Ecuador, the team that had snatched a draw against Roy’s England a few days earlier in Miami. After trailing Ecuador, the Swiss snatched a dramatic late winner. As I didn’t watch the match, I will have to pad […]

Day 3, The Big One!

As a warm up for the big match at the inconveniently scheduled closing time kick off, we had a couple of preview bouts. Columbia and Greece were first out of the traps. I predicted this as a dour 0-0. As is becoming apparent, I am no Paul the Octopus. Greece let me down here by […]

World Cup Blog Day 2

After the let-down of the Brazil match, where the Croats was robbed and the Officials seem to be operating by precision, Swiss remote control, it remained to be seen whether the Mexico v Cameroon game could provide redemption. ‘No’ was the swift reply, delivered like a Pythonesque haddock to the chops. Any chance of a […]

The World Cup Is Here

Call me cynical, but I just don’t buy this awe and wonder at the silky smooth samba skills of the the South American maestros of the beautiful game set in the home of football. I could be mistaken, but isn’t England the home of football? Yesterday’s opening game confirmed one thing for me; it’s pointless […]

Ken Davy Saved Huddersfield Town…

…and he saved the best bits for himself. Ho ho, I’m here all week! At the risk of levity intruding on what is a very serious situation, let’s have a little reappraisal of where we find ourselves. Ken v Dean From his own rose tinted reminiscences, Ken recollects that he ran away to sea to […]

Bradley Johnson

Did his nervous twitch suddenly reappear when faced with a closely proximate Joey Barton? Or had a fly – rare in winter it has to be said – dive bombed his eye causing him to recoil in an involuntary motion? Perhaps it was the same fly that communicated its findings to the  match officials, bearing […]