World Cup Blog Day 2

After the let-down of the Brazil match, where the Croats was robbed and the Officials seem to be operating by precision, Swiss remote control, it remained to be seen whether the Mexico v Cameroon game could provide redemption. ‘No’ was the swift reply, delivered like a Pythonesque haddock to the chops. Any chance of a signal jammer of some description to bar the match officials from being controlled from a sumptuous office in Zurich?

Yet again, some bizarre decisions had an adverse effect on the result. My office sweepstake/prediction league is taking a battering. As previously relayed, I had Brazil and Croatia down as a 1-1 draw. That’s what it should have been. I had Mexico down as three goal victors. That’s what they should have been. This is beginning to have a touch of the X Files about it, I don’t mind telling you.

Spain and Holland up next, a repeat of the Final four years ago. Let me cross reference my own advice for beating sides such as Brazil; it is identical for Spain. Press them, don’t let them settle on the ball, don’t give them time and space, don’t sit back and admire them. I am indeed flattered that Dutch Manager, Louis van Gaal is a regular reader of and evidently looks to us for his tactical inspiration. Probably.

This is more like it, a barn storming performance by the Dutch, playing the game plan and winding up five goals to the good! The only downside is that, should England qualify from the group stages, we will perhaps end up facing the Dutch. The monkey on the back for Holland’s trophy ambitions is that Johnny Zero has supported Holland in three World Cup finals. Three nil in deficit, to date; that’s why I stopped following Huddersfield Town away from home – Jonah Zero, more like…

The amusing sideshow to the match was the constant haranguing by the partisan crowd, of the geezer that decided he was Spanish, not Brazilian. An easy mistake to make, but the thronged masses were having none of it. He was eventually subbed and diagnosed with acute perforated patriotitis. Don’t think he’ll be making a tickertape return anytime soon.

The last match of the evening, Chile v Australia, proved that the Diggers are not supreme in every sport they turn their hands to (laughs up sleeve and regains some high ground after the embarrassing whitewash of the Ashes). The cricket proved (as if proof were necessary) that the Aussies are not only bad losers, but bad winners to boot. Unfortunately for them, there was no chance to exercise the latter form of poor grace. Devoid of the likes of Kewell, Viduka, Schwarzer and any of the crop of players that suggested some future competence with the association code, the Socceroos’ sole weapon was the geriatric Tim Cahill. The boy done ok though.

Ah well…I had the antipodeans down for a 2 goal loss, so at least some prediction points on the board. It also provided answers to some pointless trivia, as the pitch side advertising boards for the intriguing ‘Marfrig – Qualitate del Carne’, were helpfully translated for English speaking nations to ‘Moy Park – Quality Meat’. Double bubble…

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