World Cup Day 4

In the first match of the day, Switzerland – Roy Hodgson’s former charges – we’re up against Ecuador, the team that had snatched a draw against Roy’s England a few days earlier in Miami. After trailing Ecuador, the Swiss snatched a dramatic late winner.

As I didn’t watch the match, I will have to pad this out with a few pointless facts of trivia: Switzerland’s national flag is the only one in the world that is square, the flag of the International Red Cross is a reverse of the Swiss flag, Switzerland is famed for its deposit boxes full of Nazi gold, it was where Steve ‘Cooler King’ McQueen was aiming for when he crashed his motorbike in the Great Escape, it was also the destination for Charlie Croker’s outfit in the Italian Job when they ended up balanced precariously on the edge of a mountain (or ‘hill’, as we would say in Yorkshire). I blame coach driver Big William’s over exuberant driving style, personally.

Honduras were next in the firing line, as France powered past them with a three goal haul without reply. After several frustrating days of using the new fangled goal line technology to simply state the bleedin’ obvious, FIFA were finally in a position to look useful. Unfortunately, they initially failed the competence test and an obvious goal was ruled out. Once the master switch in Zurich was overridden, a goal was correctly signalled.

France were once the model for taking the England national side forward. The late and over budget St George’s Park complex is the FA’s French-inspired copycat national football centre. As soon as we started gazing enviously across the Channel, France started to inconveniently implode and lose miserably at every opportunity. Holland had been similarly hexed several years earlier, as the ‘Ajax system’ was deemed the way forward. Now it is Spain that are seen as the model. They got mullah’d the other day, by the way.

Instead of coveting thy neighbour’s ass, why don’t the FA quietly admit that as long as the colossal Sky windfall is ring fenced for the Greedy League instead of being passed down the pyramid, the Premier League is always going to be the tail wagging the FA dog and the national side will always be hamstrung. B teams? Get real!

Last match of the weekend was our old friends from down Argentine way, against newcomers Bosnia Hercegovina. The Bosnians had a good go at stifling the Argies, but they found a way through to go two goals up, nonetheless. A late goal by Bosnia threatened to inject some interest in the contest, but 2-1 it stayed.

As a trivial aside and yet another recollection from amongst the millions of terabytes of useless crap bouncing around my noggin, did you know that not only is it a disgusting tinned pie made out of dog meat*, but Fray Bentos is also a major port used to export Argentine beef? You do now…

*NB It should be pointed out that Fray Bentos pies are not really made from dog meat, just a type of meat that I don’t care for. Still, I would rather feed it to my dog than my kids, having said that.

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