Spana Man Cometh!

Devoted followers of Johnny Zero’s increasingly irrelevant World Cup blog may recall that after Spain’s ignominious exit, I marvelled about a mystical gentleman who resembled wizard-era Rick Wakeman and was supporting Chile. It has to be understood that, having indulged in one or two sherbets AND being blind as a bat to begin with, I got it wrong. He wasn’t a Chilio, he was a Brasilio. And his message said, “Adios Spana”, not “Spania”.


Spana Man, my hero!

So far from looking like the Prog Rock Pompadour himself, he actually looks more like he’s just walked off the set of a music video for the Bangles or Jonathan Richman (there’s one for the teenagers!) The Spana bit is fortuitous, however, as he looks a proper tool.

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